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Free Family Differentiation First Aid Kit: Emergency Family Detachment 

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Are you tired of your feelings, problems and reactions controlling your relationships? 

If you are, it’s not your fault.

You see, your childhood relationships serve as a lifelong guide to interacting with others.

When you constantly find yourself struggling in relationships, experiencing anxiety, reactivity or stuckness, chances are it’s the result of growing up in an environment of limited, unhealthy, or broken love. You learned to tolerate the wrong things in relationships and this becomes your map for the dance of relationships.

But you can begin to change the steps of that dance and free yourself from a dysfunctional family imprinting with my Free  Family Differentiation First Aid Kit: Emergency family Detachment  

For the last 45 years, I’ve helped 1000s of people in the same situation as you…

“As a family differentiation and family systems coach, I use my knowledge to help clients get unstuck from family dysfunction, build a true sense of self and find peace by creating a life that is truly their own.

Many of my clients say I’ve done more to help them in three sessions than in a full year with a traditional therapist.

If your family relationships have been dysfunctional for a long time and you don’t know what to do, please download my self-differentiation First Aid Kit and start changing your life and family relationships today. “ 

Jerry T. Wise, MA, MS, CLC  

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I have space to be me in a really dysfunctional family & environment.
I never thought this level of calmness and connectedness to myself was even possible.
Thank you, thank you , thank you.


With Jerry's help, I am healing from my dysfunctional family. Thank you! now I can understand what's going on and was always going on. 


I felt like my life was hopeless. I had so much anxiety, low self esteem and depression. I found Jerry Wise on YouTube and everything he spoke of was like a balm of hope to my wounded heart…I can remain calm and peaceful when everyone else is highly reactive and falling apart. Thank you Jerry, you have been a God send and Blessing in my life! I never knew life could be so good! 


Download My Free First Aid Kit and Begin to Say Goodbye to Dysfunctional Relationships Forever 

How to break the dysfunctional family cycle so you won’t pass it on to your children

How to begin to be your real SELF in relationships, including the difficult ones

Tools to change and take control of your relationship dance with your family 

How to heal your past and make your present calmer  

How to use these tools to reduce guilt, shame or nervousness. 

How to stop falling into the same old dysfunctional family patterns 

Practical responses for when things heat up and more! 

Break free from destructive cycles, discover real peace and become your authentic SELF with...